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I don’t use a conventional oven for baking. I use a toaster oven. Specifically, it is a DeLonghi 4 slice model my parents got in 2003 at Costco. It’s big enough for a pie pan to fit. I dunno why I’ve never thought to bake with it until now and anyway, we don’t have an oven at home. It works very well.

I use a toaster oven baking set from Crate and Barrel.  It’s smart to buy two of those so you can switch a pan out while another is cooling or baking. I love it! It was on sale for less than $20 and it hasn’t failed me yet.

I have a hand mixer from Target, a Hamilton Beach model. It has a very powerful engine even on the first setting so thick things like dough I can’t control it very well, plus the dough gets stuck in the beaters. There’s always some measure of splattering too. booooo. I only use it when necessary- usually for creaming butter and sugar or making foamy egg whites. I wouldn’t recommend this model.


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